Kale Realty Tips For Acquiring Commercial Real Estate

commercial real estateBuying real estate is a costly undertaking. Therefore, businesses that are looking into commercial properties should be diligent in selecting their investment every step of the way. Without planning, your business can quickly lose money from unexpected construction costs and inefficient layout.

Although commercial properties seem to become more expensive each year, entrepreneurs are usually better off purchasing commercial properties than renting them. You do not just defer from the increased rental, but the property’s value may appreciate in the future. In the event that the business wants to move on, the company just easily sell the real estate.

Of course you must use the services of a professional and reputable commercial real estate broker such as Kale Realty from Chicago or a top NYC agent. As the transaction values can range from 7 to 9 figures or even higher in rare instances, due diligance and in depth market knowledge are crucial to get the best deals.

Decide if you are renting or a buying a commercial property.

According to Kale Realty, the first step is to determine whether you need to buy or rent a commercial property. The advantages of renting a commercial property are that you don’t need as much capital than buying a building.

Moreover, it gives you the opportunity to relocate with ease when the area becomes unsuitable for the business. But when you buy a business property, you have the flexibility to repair or manage the property the way you want it. The profit from selling the building in the future can also become an additional income stream.

The location of the property.

Businesses should choose a location that is convenient for customers, suppliers, and employees. If foot traffic is crucial, this factor should also be considered. It is also important to consider other factors like parking restrictions, competitor location, and business rates.

There are cheap commercial properties that businesses might find enticing. But you must assess the location if it is suitable for your business type. You might have to do renovations to make the property suitable to your business needs, in which case you have to evaluate if the deal is worth it after including the costs. Cleaning up using dumpster rentals in Jacksonville or anywhere else in the nation could be another requirement.

The affordability of the property.

Determine the rate per square foot and check with your real estate agent if the price is correct for its real value. Agents have a way of determining whether the property is overpriced, so take advantage of their knowledge.

This will help you figure out if your business can afford the operational cost. By calculating correctly before signing a lease or purchasing the property, you do not risk your capital and safeguard your business.

Whether you are renting a building or purchasing the property entirely, you have to plan your layout well as this is an essential factor in your operational efficiency. Kale Realty suggests their entrepreneur clients to hire an operational efficiency expert to ensure that you optimize your business layout.


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