How to produce green energy from waste

The method of processing a given waste is conditioned by its nature and the constraints it implies. There are specific treatment solutions for certain identified waste (such as those from the medical or building sectors), and more global solutions, particularly for household waste. Solutions which no longer simply allow waste to be processed but which […]

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April 4th, 2024 by admin

Melbourne Junk Disposal Solutions

Developing an Efficient Waste Management Strategy in Melbourne Developing an efficient waste management strategy is essential for promoting sustainable practices, minimizing environmental impact, and optimizing resource utilization. A well-designed waste management strategy can help mitigate pollution, reduce waste generation, and maximize the recovery of valuable materials. Here are ten key considerations for developing an efficient […]

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June 11th, 2023 by admin

When the Coronavirus Reduces Pollution

Closure of shops, schools, confinement of the population, etc. The measures taken in Italy are drastic. To the point that the effects can be seen from the atmosphere: greenhouse gas emissions have dropped since the start of the quarantine. This is an unexpected positive effect of this otherwise malevolent disease. Recent data from the European […]

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March 16th, 2020 by admin

A tedious COP24 conference

At COP24 negotiations continued uneasily, with the United States and Saudi Arabia slowing it down as much as they can, while the Europeans were not very present. During December 2018 negotiations and bargaining turned to full. Many were convinced that an agreement would be reached, but no one could predict when and with what ambitions. […]

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December 15th, 2018 by admin

The Different Types of Poker Players

Poker Players vary in type. It has nothing to do with the color of their skins or the religion that they like. It has to do with the personalities that they bring to the poker table. Sign up for a free account at one of the top 10 poker sites and then toggle over to the […]

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February 28th, 2013 by admin

Forms of addiction

Addiction refers to constant utilization of a mood changing substance/substances or in some cases behaviors and habits irrespective of the dependencies and negative effects which may result from them. When this word “addiction” crosses the mind of many people, they only think of drugs and alcohol. But there are a number of other addictions which […]

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September 24th, 2012 by admin

Demonic Possession and Exorcism

There is enough proof to dictate that Satan’s and Demons do exist and this has been written even in the scriptures. People who are seen and experienced demonic hauntings will be able to give a better explanation whether it is real or not. Most people fail to believe until they experience in real. In the […]

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May 30th, 2012 by admin

Dangers of gambling

A first gain experience may give the impression of being lucky or knowing how to master the game. However, we have no power over the randomness of games of chance  and in the long term, we can only lose. These losses then feed the urge to play to catch up with our losses. Instead of being a […]

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March 7th, 2012 by admin