Forms of addiction

Addiction refers to constant utilization of a mood changing substance/substances or in some cases behaviors and habits irrespective of the dependencies and negative effects which may result from them.

When this word “addiction” crosses the mind of many people, they only think of drugs and alcohol. But there are a number of other addictions which many people go through in this world and they may include the following:

Alcohol and drugs

Alcohol is a common social drink which is consumed in most parts of the world. In some countries, alcohol maybe consumed at any time whereas in others there are some restrictions attached to the time of drinking.

When drinking alcohol, this causes moderate to deep intoxication hence changing the way a person behaves, feels and conducts his or her business. Continued use of alcohol will alter the way the body functions. This will ultimately cause dependency in that one will not be able to function normally before taking a given amount of alcohol. For instance they will be shaking!

The same case applies to drugs in what is commonly referred to as drug abuse. Most of the drugs that many people are addicted to are illegal for example cocaine, heroine, and marijuana among other drugs. But people can also get addicted to legal drugs such as some anti-depressant medication. Once addicted, one will be pressed to use the drugs in order to perform as a normal person.

Sex addiction

Sex is one of the physical needs which many use in expressing love to their partners. But this can be done by others in order to please their sexual partners and the need to have such sexual experience and encounter with many partners. This will eventually lead to addiction for some people, which means that one will never be up to daily activities effectively and efficiently before engaging in sex with a different sexual partner. Many people who are addicted to sex end up with sexually transmitted infections/diseases and loveless.


Exercises are very essential in keeping fit and weight loss as they are known to increase the heartbeat and metabolic rates. Spending time in the gym and other training facilities such as boot camps may start causing addiction. This is because of the high people reach in some exercises and the satisfaction to have a fut body. The urge to do it comes often hence causing obsession in some persons. The endorphins released during exercises will also be another cause of addiction hence that urge to engage in exercises daily.

Shopping and gambling

Shopping and gambling are always enticing. This is because of the excitement and satisfaction that is attached to them for instance in gambling, that notion of winning by taking part all over again may not be overstated. This may end up using all the resources that one has, even to the extent of borrowing cash so as to continue enjoying.

Shopping on the other hand can be very addictive in that no fashion or current trend, especially of designer outfits/clothes, watches, shoes passes an individual. It does not matter whether one has clothes or not but as soon as new arrivals are in the market, a shopping addict must go for them. This may end up putting the family in debts and finally homelessness.


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