The Different Types of Poker Players

Poker Players vary in type. It has nothing to do with the color of their skins or the religion that they like. It has to do with the personalities that they bring to the poker table. Sign up for a free account at one of the top 10 poker sites and then toggle over to the real money games. Even on the net you can identify the different types of players. You can watch them play as long as you want.

The tight passive style player does not like to take risks. For instance, He will not raise or reraise before the flop with a pair of Aces in the pocket. He sits on his money and on his hands and never gets value for the good hands that he catches. He may win modest amounts from time to time but will loose over the long run. Without maximizing his profits in the hand or two an hour that he plays he is on a downward slope. It is slight but it is still going down.

You can almost always get the tight passive player to fold the winning hand if you play aggressively against him. From time to time he will beat you with the nut flush or straight, but not often.

The loose passive player keeps entering the pot waiting for the miracle hand. He will get it once in awhile but will not bet it up to it’s potential. Calling this guy is a good bet. He starts out playing lots of crap hands and ends up following them all the way to the river. They are still crap but he will call you just to, “Keep you honest.”

If you run into a guy who is loud, opinionated, and puts the bums rush on all the women at the table you can bet he will think that all of his cards are the best and will not hesitate to bet them. He would not be caught dead limping into a hand. He thinks that, If they are good enough to hold, they are good enough to raise. Just hope that you get good cards while he is playing. He plays aggressively all the time and tends to over value his hand. When you get a good hand, slow play him. He will bet like a maniac and expect to intimidate you with his play. Imagine his suprise when, in the final betting round, you raise.

The best money winner is the guy who plays it tight and is very aggressive when it is time for it. He has read all the players. knows the odds on the hands that they might hold. Knows where his hand fits into the higher Archie and not afraid to risk some money. Is not afraid to vary his betting pattern enough to steal some hands. Look for this guy to bluff an hour or so after he sat down at the table.

Thousands of people play for cash everyday. Do download the software and follow the directions. ┬áThe worst thing is begin by playing for money. Go first to a library and get a book on Texas Holdem. Read that book, it will save you a lot of money when you play Texas Hold’em Poker.

When you make your deposit into a real money account do not start out with a million dollars. Make the initial deposit small, just to see how things go. If they go badly, go back and play the free money games some more. If you think that Hold Em is all luck then you will never put in the time and effort that it takes to really learn the skill set that you need to play the game well.


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