Garcinia Cambogia Supplements for Weight Loss – Myth Or Reality

Garcinia cambogia is a plant with medical value, especially its fruit is used often to produce medicine. The best use of this plant and its fruit is noticed in weight loss supplements. Several studies have been conducted to confirm the actual utility of the plant and experts are of the opinion that the garcinia fruit helps in controlling appetite, along with preventing excessive fat storage.

Initially, its effects have been tested on animals that gain fat fast like rabbit, mouse and then on human being. However, on people, pure garcinia cambogia supplements do not work as fast as they work on other mammals. Thus, we have to take the supplement in certain proportion to achieve what we are expecting.

About The Fruit

The Garcinia Cambogia fruit was a part of Asian and Indian diet since a long period of time and people used this food to suppress appetite. Sometimes, the fruit was taken as cooked items and sometimes it was preserved in jams, in pickles to absorb its weight loss benefit for a long time. The tree produces tiny, pumpkin-shaped fruit, which is also known as Assam fruits. Generally, it is green or yellow in color but some trees produce red or orange fruit.

The fruit has a sour flavor and that is why it cannot be taken directly as we have apple or orange. The dried fruits however produce a kind of flavor, a spicy extort that is often used in traditional cooking of India, especially of Assam. HCA is the most important natural component coming from the fruit that is worth its weight loss value. This supplement actually keeps appetite in control and burn the stored fat effectively. The fruit extract is used in traditional healing systems, in ayurvedic medicines, along with in weight loss supplements.

How Garcinia Cambogia Fruits Help in Weight Loss

We have already mentioned that Hydroxycitric Acid or HCA is the main ingredient of the fruit that influence the process of weight loss. As a derivative of the citric acid, HCA prevents the growth of citrate lyase in our body. This enzyme is responsible in changing carbohydrates into fatty acid. Faltering the process of carbohydrate conversion, the hydroxycitric acid blocks extra fat and influence weight loss.

HCA also works as a serotonin booster as it helps in raising the serotonin level in our brain. This is an important chemical in our body that regulates sleep, mood and appetite. Elevated level of the chemical assist in eliminating a craving for food and it also curbs hunger. Actually lifting the level of the depression, serotonin controls emotional eating that result in overweight.

Why Garcinia Cambogia is being used largely

The use of the garcinia cambogia is not only limited to weight loss supplements, but in other fields as well. However, it is being popular recently for its contribution in helping people seeking to lose weight. People prefer this supplement over others because:

  • It is easy to avail
  • Complete natural supplement
  • Works comparatively faster than other supplements

Easily Available

Unlike other weight loss supplements such as raspberry ketones or blueberry extracts, this one is easily available. Both the fruits and the supplements are available in retail shops. Moreover, the process of having the supplement is also simple, as we need to take the prescribed doses only once before lunch.

It is Natural

As the fruits are easily available thus only the fruit extracts are used in huge amount to produce the supplement. No other chemicals are used to increase its weight loss value and that is why it is safe to consume the supplement.

Works Faster          

The fruit supplement works faster than other weight loss supplements because it effects work in a double way. First, it prevents the excess fat and carbohydrate from storing. Second, it completely blocks the creation of fat and release fat as energy. Moreover, it can control emotional appetite, which is mostly responsible for faster weight gain.

Using the Supplement Properly

If we want to reap the actual benefit of using the garcinia cambogia supplement, we have to take the supplement properly. It must be said that if we compromise exercising, deny following a healthy diet and depend on the supplement completely to loss weight, we can’t avail the best of the supplement. Thus, at least 30minutes of exercising (cardio) is a must even when one is taking the supplement on a regular basis.

Moreover, we have already came to know that the supplement work faster than other available supplements but it happens only when one takes it in the proper quantity.  One should schedule doses after consulting his/her requirements with a specialist. It must be said in this regard that people with severe heart diseases should completely avoid taking such a powerful dietary supplement.


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