Demonic Possession and Exorcism

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There is enough proof to dictate that Satan’s and Demons do exist and this has been written even in the scriptures. People who are seen and experienced demonic hauntings will be able to give a better explanation whether it is real or not. Most people fail to believe until they experience in real. In the Bible, it is described how Christ performed exorcism to drive out the demon from the possessed people.

It was the novel ‘The Exorcist’ by William Peter Blatty that hit the bookshelves in the 70s that had the people attention to this age old ritual. The Catholic Church supported the movie while the evangelicals condemned it. The movie depicts the priest like a hero and the roman ritual formed the central story. It was well depicted like the actual one with prayers and commands that expelled the demon.

The Roman Catholic deliverance style was also highly appreciated. This might have stood a reason for the Vatican to refurbish the ancient ritual style to train the exorcists. This has actually made spiritual business a serious issue these days.

In recent times, there are several shows like “Ghost Hunters”, “Ghost lab” and “Ghost Stories’. Demons are basically supernatural beings that do evil to others. They are known to possess immense power and wit and possess the power to impose mental and physical torture on humans and even animals. They have the power to invade any host. Usually they depicted as huge structured red winged creatures.

The Ouija board is one of the easiest ways to summon spirits. There are even other magic, witchcraft and demon worship rituals that can be used to summon evil spirits. People who are not well acquainted with these can end up in trouble with such kinds of demon summoning. How are evil entities created in this world?

The Bible itself provides a very good dictation of how demonic spirits are created. You might have heard the word ‘Fallen Angels’. Researches of demonology have portrayed that demons are angles that had to face the situation of falling. The Angles who fall decide to follow the Satan and thus become evil. They choose to oppress the people of the world and sometimes even move further on to possess them.

The world demon is actually derived from the Greek word ‘Daimon’ which literally means ‘intelligent’. When a person is possessed by a demon, he is likely to show immense intelligence, like talking in languages that he never knew. There are even some who talk about people whom they never knew before. There are even cases reported where the individual will experience immense anger, depression anxiety or fear. Studies state that these emotions are not an indication of the possession, but are the emotion that the particular demonic is suffering from at that point of time or at all times.

The mysteries behind demonic possessions still remain unearthed, but yet it is possible to relieve a person by exorcism. But most of the time, people fail to realize that it is a demonic possession and thus will not be able to find a proper solution to it.


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